We use a high fired white stoneware which is primarily thrown on the potters wheel or sometimes pressed and hand-formed into molds. Once dry, the pieces are bisque fired to 1700 degrees. They are then drawn on with under glaze pencils and painted with under glazes or stains. An individual piece may take anywhere from 2 to 15 hours to draw & paint depending on it’s size and the complexity of the design. With the painting completed, the pots must be signed, and then waxed so as not to have glaze stick to the bottom, (which when melting would cause them to them to bond onto the kiln shelves). The pots are dunked into a clear glaze and allowed to dry thoroughly. The insides of the pots are glazed in a variety of colors by pouring glaze into them and pouring out the excess. There is a degree of rubbing and sponging and touching up before loading the pottery into the kiln. The kiln is fired to 2384 degrees. This takes about 9 hours. After a 24 hour cooling phase the kiln may be unloaded.